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So, this happened today. I have now driven the Nordschleife in a BMW e90 325i. I did 6 laps on a damp, sometimes wet track, a passenger lap and 3 dry laps. I think I will dream about endless corners in my sleep tonight. I must praise Jaco Velders and his team from Jaco’s Paddock Motorsport. If you truly want to experience what it’s like to live in the beautiful town of Barweiler and feel like a local even if you only speak three words of German, Jaco is your guy. My car handled perfectly and faultlessly all day. Truly a great way to get on the Nordschleife Also, a massive thanks to Benkei Bruin of MPMS Simulators for ensuring I had done plenty of quality laps before I left Oz. For anyone aiming to do this, see Ben first. His motion simulators truly made a big difference to being able to drive harder in less laps, once on track. In my first lap with Jaco (my 3rd) he said very early on that my simulator time had prepared me very well. My time here in the Nurburg region has been an amazing experience. Time to sleep and dream of endless corners.

What a terrific few days spent with Jaco’s Paddock!! Anyone thinking of racecar rental and superb support need look no further than this fantastic outfit. At €795 per day we rented out the E90 325i VLN carr for two days at Spa on the 6th and 7th April – The Syron road legal track rubber is fantastic with very gradual “fall off” when the tyres get hot. The 225hp 1360kg car may look slow on paper but trust me when I say the way these cars are setup is exemplary. Before any tuition and with two people on board we got to 3m13.24secs round Spa as novices. With some excellent tuition from the 110kg Uwe Legermann this was down to 3m10.61secs and by the following day on my own with the tyres way past their best this was down to 3min08.10secs. The cars are set up with -2.5 degree front camber and -2.75 rear on standard ecu, arbs, and brakes with no LSD. The general feel is supreme levels of grip and feel when the tyres are up to temp you can really lean on this car regularly holding a neutral stance at over 100mph. Even when oversteer comes its gradual and catchable teaching accuracy and precision with apexs to carry all the precious speed. Jaco Velders is always offering advice and tips on how to get faster and never once tells you to stop driving at anything less than 100% and his cars just keep performing consistently lap after lap. Over two days we did over 600km on the track, destroyed a set of tyres, got quicker and got tuition. I cannot find anything other than praise and recommendation for Jaco’s paddock. And you even get fantastic coffee, drinks and biscuits!! Here is what Jaco said to me : “Its simple Ed! You pay me the money, turn up, drive the wheels off my car for two days, put petrol in it, don’t crash it and everybody’s happy!” We were indeed!!

Back home in Ipswich now after a wonderful few days at Spa and the Nordschleife. Just wanted to say thanks to you and your team for your massive help in getting me a new alternator for my Caterham so that I could continue my trip. The Nordschleife is an amazing place. Thanks go to your colleague/friend at the Nordschleife who gave me plenty of informal advice on how to enjoy the place and get my car home in one piece! I never did catch his name. Best wishes and I’m sure our paths will cross again in the future. Mankee.

Back in the UK and now regretting that I didn’t take the car out for another session.  Typical!! I really wanted to thank you for making our experience in Spa Francorchamps such a memorable one.  The car hire and your knowledge of the circuit was excellent. As a beginner, your recommendation of the E46 325 was perfect.  The car setup provided so much corner grip which made it very capable.  I would highly recommend this to anyone who wants to experience Spa.  Jaco and his team will make sure that you have a very rewarding day.  I would love to return one day in the near future. Thank you Jaco! Kind Regards, Mark